Automate your game testing.

In the cloud.

Game Conductor is a continuous testing platform for your games. No VM setup, or maintenance required.

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Automated Testing

Automate your game tests and integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that any code change won't break other parts of the game.

Unity Test Framework

Game Conductor is compatible with the standard Unity Test Framework. Write your tests as usual and run them in the cloud, without maintaining VM or licences.

Better Quality, Faster

With Game Conductor you can run your tests the way you want it. You can run your whole test suite or just a few tests. Run more than one session and paralellize your testing pipeline.

1. Write your tests

Game Conductor is compatible with standard game frameworks provided by mainstream game engines. Write your tests with Unity Test Framework and run them in the cloud with no change.

2. Build, Upload, Run

Build your game, and upload it to the Game Conductor platform. Once your build is in the cloud, run your tests on your own terms: launch critical tests for a quick feedback, or schedule nightly runs to catch bugs without sacrificing your velocity.

3. Filter, Aggregate, Analyze

Once you've run your tests, find the critical parts of your game that needs attention. Inspect detailed tests reports with all the standard logs provided. Analyze the quality of your game and build confidence that no change has broken the game.

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