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Build your project for Game Conductor


To build your project for Game Conductor you first need to integrate the SDK into your project.

Open the Game Conductor builder panel

  • Under Window > Game Conductor, you'll find the builder panel.
  • Open it and dock the panel into the Unity UI.

Configure your build

  • Click Select Folder and navigate to a directory of your choice. That's where the build will be located.
  • Give a name to your build.
  • If there are any scenes that needs to be used during your test (like a sandbox scene for example) you can add it to the Scenes list.
  • Choose an architecture for the build. It's generally the same architecture as the machine building the project.
  • Enable Development and IncludeTestAssemblies in the build options.

Build your project

  • Click the build button and wait for the build to complete.
  • If there are any compilation error in the console, fix them and try to build again.
  • If the build is successful you should see the message Build succeeded in the console.

Once your build is ready you should find it under the directory you previously set in the panel.