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Automatically build your project via the command line

To automate running your tests, you also want to build your project automatically. The Game Conductor Unity SDK allows you to do so via the -executeMethod option provided by Unity.


To build your project from the command line, you need to:

Make sure the configuration is properly setup

The SDK relies on the GCConfig.json file. It should be located in Assets/GameConductorUnitySDK/GameConductor.Builder/Resources/GCConfig.json.

Instead of editing it manually we recommend going through the dedicated panel first (see how to configure your build). After the config file is properly setup, you can run the command line.

Command line

To build your project from the command line:

Unity.exe -quit -batchmode -logfile output.txt -projectPath <path/to/project> -executeMethod GameConductor.Builder.GCBuilder.BuildProject

Once the project is successfuly built, it should be available in the directory stated in the config file.